The search process can take a variety of directions, depending upon client needs. However, you will find each assignment benefits from certain common elements:

  • The client’s needs are thoroughly evaluated. Job content, goals, company culture and operating policy are all considered.
  • Potential candidates are contacted for initial screening.
  • Candidates are interviewed in person to determine both technical and interpersonal qualifications.
  • Candidate information is reviewed and validated.
  • Top candidates are presented to the client. We stand ready to serve based on the needs and policy of the client.

We offer the use of a private interview area where the client can meet our candidates away from the job site.

Our professional services are offered on a contingency basis. We charge the employer a fee for services only if a person is hired directly, or indirectly, through our efforts. Our service charge is based upon a percentage of the employee’s estimated first year’s base earnings.

Provided the service charge is paid in full within fifteen days of the employee’s starting date, WALLACE ASSOCIATES extends the following unconditional ten-week guarantee: Should the employee leave or be terminated during his/her first ten weeks of employment, WALLACE ASSOCIATES will, upon written notification, refund 10% of the total service charge for each full week remaining in the guarantee period. (Example: Individual terminates during the sixth week; since four full weeks remain in the guarantee period, WALLACE ASSOCIATES would refund 40% of the total service charge.)